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L'Année philologique on the Internet

L'Année philologique on the Internet is the digital version of L'Année philologique, a database published by the Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, in collaboration with the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the American Philological Association (APA).

Direction of L'Année philologique:
Dina Bacalexi and Julie Giovacchini (CNRS, UPR 76, France), editorial and bibliographical services.
Eric Rebillard (Cornell University), digital services.

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What's new ?

  • Current content: L'Année philologique on the Internet covers 87 years of classical bibliography with volumes 1 (1924-1926) to 82 (2011).
  • Last Update: 15,000 records from volume 82 (2011) are now online (02/05/2014).
  • New features:
    • Now available: faceted search with six criteria for refining your results (modern authors, ancient authors and texts, subjects and disciplines, date, language, and document type).
    • OpenURL links for citations of ancient texts are now available in L'Année philologique. The links use CWKB, a service provided by the American Philological Association.
    • Click here to download a file that will enable EndNote to search and download information from APh online.
  • Current status: the service is available.
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